Consulting Services

Music consulting

I have been involved in many aspects of the music industry for many years. Music education, music retail, musical instrument repair, management, startup businesses, performances are among the areas in the music industry that I have experience in.


I have experiences with starting up small businesses and have gained firsthand knowledge of the steps needed to be successful.

Adaptive reuse of historic buildings

One of the businesses I have successfully started involved the adaptive reuse of a historic building. I have knowledge of the in and outs of renovation, community reaction, permitting, architectural challenges.

Small business relationships with government entities

There are many facets of cooperating and sometimes fighting small city governments to either cojole or force them to do what is in your best interest and do what is required of them by law. I have been on both sides of the fence in this area, both as a government official serving on city council and serving on planning and zoning boards as well as a small business trying to fight small town politics. I have also served on numerous boards and advisory committees over the years.